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Medicine-Head, Cops, and my Mom ~ all in the same five-by-five space

Okay, so there's a perfectly logical explanation for my silence all week.  I've been sick.  I didn't really think all that bad sick, but enough that I just sort of curled up and -- didn't do a lot.  Like, I took Tuesday afternoon off - and slept.  Had the bad idea I felt well enough to go get soup with a friend.  Well, I did but I had such a bad case of medicine-head that I was a zombie.

The drama really started happening Wednesday when I woke up around 4:30 or 5am and decided I should take another dose of generic brand Nyquil stuff and go into work at lunch.  I boot up my laptop and shoot off an email to my Florida people - and curl up and go back to sleep.  I woke up hours later when I had to pee.  And after you pee - you of course need food!  It was about 10:30, so I figured it was okay if I got up.  I'm halfway through making my sandwich when - someone starts pounding on my patio door!  Now, I'm disoriented enough I don't really realize at first it's my patio and that it's not really in my head.  I finally go over and pull back the blinds - and my mother is on my patio.

Insert a moment of extreme confusion and then mild panic as I think something has happened to my father.  My mother, carrying a pair of heavy bolt cutters comes in and informs me she was about to break into my apartment.  In short order I come to find out my work never got my email.  So, they called my emergency contact - my parents.  My mom zips over from work and had been pounding on my front door for some time.  However, because my friend is crashing on my couch for the time being all the doors between me and the front door are closed - I never heard it.  I'm sure the heavy case of medicine-head played a big roll.

Not long after the cops show up and the management office at my apartment complex are calling; because the complex couldn't unlock my apartment for my mom, they instead offered to call the cops to do a wellness check.  So me with my medicine head had two cops, my mom, and the management people of my complex in my apartment explaining that I really was okay.  It was crazy.

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