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Girl Talk Thursday: Popstar

Me? As a popstar?

The first thing I did when I seriously started pondering this Girl Talk Thursday, was laugh.  Okay, maybe it's the doses of medicine I've been consuming that are clogging up the proper ways of thinking or something, but I just saw record companies loosing money with me as the next greatest pop-star.  Why?  Because I doubt I would be easily controlled. If I had to compare myself to current pop-culture-super-stars, I would pick the following:
P!nk, Sara Hudson, and Marti Dodson from Saving Jane.  Why?  Because all three women have some seriously killer pipes and attitude.  I could never be a Lady Gaga, dressing up to just shock people, or a Brittany with her publicity stunts or a Rhianna with the crazy boyfriend. 

If I were going to be a popstar, I'd be one because people liked me, and not because I was a safe bet for the music industry.  Sara Hudson had an amazing voice, lots of talent and family in the industry, yet her solo album tanked for many reasons covered in a documentary I once saw, but what they didn't say - and what made me like her - was her attitude.  The way she just sort of flipped the world the finger and was herself.  It takes a lot of guts to be yourself.  (now, I'm not saying I support everything Sara does, don't read me like that.)  I'd want to be like that; myself in front of the world.  It might be hard, and people might be harsh, but it's too much work to create a persona in my opinion.  I'd have to be myself, and people would have to be okay with it.

P!nk had to rediscover herself.  I remember her early music and I didn't like it.  She was just another face in the music, another voice - and whatever.  However, she sort of reinvented herself some years back and - okay, I don't agree with everything P!nk does, but I do love her music and how she is - just P!nk.  See - people can make music, as themselves, and still do awesome.  I like a lot of stuff about her; her attitude, her performance ability, her voice - yeah, I guess I have a girl crush - So What????  I guess I have some of that same toughness in me.  Guess it's the tattoos.

Marti Dodson from Saving Jane I know the least about, but just listen to her music.  It's awesome I would want to write music like that.  Stuff that said something, and didn't just have a catchy tune. 

I probably wouldn't go with a different name, though I could see a band name, something ridiculous most likely.  I would have a lot of fun and I wouldn't take it too seriously.  Fads come and go; we can't all be Green Day or MxPx that somehow seems to reinvent themselves to sound current and appeal to new fans. 

Hmmm, I think my first album would be Simply Cid, and it would be ... insane.  I'd stand for something, have lyrics that made you cry, all while wearing jeans and being barefoot.  Yup, sounds about right for me.

6 thoughts:

pamela said...

I would TOTALLY buy your album!

Cid said...

Bet your panties you would! I'd be the kind that would take not buying it as an offense to whatever cause I was supporting - and as a friend I would pound your door down!!! >:D

because I might just be THAT crazy popstar.....

tara said...

would you also do the cirque stunts pink did at the last awards show? that was rad. i like the name of the album.

Cid said...

Totally. In a heart-beat.

I grew up doing stunts on horseback in rodeo so ariel stuff would just be a different step. I think it would be fun!!

Jessica said...

Can I be your paparazzi and body guard at the same time? XD I know that doesn't make sense, but I totally would. NINJA BODYGUARD! HWAHHHH!!!!

Kami said...

Great post. I'm into edge, myself so I totally understand why you'd go in that direction. Edgy people have more character than those, uh, fabricated folk...

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