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Girl Talk Thursday: What Do You Wear to Feel Sexy/Powerful/Awesome?

I'm blaming Pammy for me jumping on the band-wagon.  I've been reading her Girl Talk Thursday posts since NaNoWriMo and secretly coveting them.  So now I'm going to take the plunge and do it!

I think the answer to this question has changed a lot over time.  For my own entertainment, I think I'm going to do a review of my life in answer to this question.

When I was in high school...
  • ....it was converse.  
  • I hardly ever dressed up.  I didn't like to.  I rarely did.  
  • Most of the time I wore jeans and tshirts or ... something strange.  
  • But I always wore make-up.
In college it didn't change much.  
  • I rolled out of bed and put on my jeans, my converse, but most importantly my band tshirt.  In college (and even now) I owned a huge collection and wearing them made me feel super awesome.  Why?  Because I could always identify the other people of my personal little music club by peoples reactions to what I was wearing or if they were a poser or for real.  I also really liked looking like I could have been on tour with a band; later on I really did.  
  • A few times I would dress up, but the instances were rare and only for special purposes - which I always tried to down-play.  
  • I still never went a day without make-up.
As an adult *shudders* it's changed.  
  • Now, I feel awesome by just being in my own skin.  I have freaking awesome tattoos, that I love.  I like that by just being me, I am art.  And I'll admit, even though I did not intend for this to happen, I like the way people give me space when I'm showing a lot of tattoo'd flesh.  It's like an instant intimidation factor; it also lets me know pretty easily whether or not a person (read guy) can handle my personality.  
  • I accessorize a lot; from my 00 diamond-like gauges to the collection of necklaces that fills an entire drawer in my dresser - I love accessories.  
  • Jeans are still my #1 pick in the morning.  I've discovered a target brand of jean that fits awesome, and is comfortable.  
  • Slimming shirts that um, accentuate and hide are always favorites.  
  • I wear heels sometimes, and when I do they're usually awesome; I buy Naughy Monkey heels for a reason.  Not only are they fun, funky and sexy - but they're comfortable.  I've been on a date before and had to stand around for an hour and was no worse for being in heels.
  • My hair.  I like my hair.  I get fun cuts and colors and I love it.
  • I still don't go a day without make-up....
So maybe my things haven't changed much.  I don't know that I try to feel sexy...  It's a little weird for me, but I do go for feeling awesome about myself.  Oddly, yes, tattoos have made me love my body more for just who I am because it's unique and colorful thanks to the tattoos.

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pamela said...

Eek! you joined the dark side! Its okay we have cyber chocolate! I loved this post! Can't wait till we do it every Thursday together! YAAY! Converse made me feel awesome in HS!

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