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Reporting from ICU: Adventures in the Hospital! - Part 1

Well, you can say that everything with me is an adventure.  It all happened when leaving the theater from watching How to Train your Dragon when my mother called me.  I answered the phone and just heard... well, noise.  And then I heard my mother, but she wasn't talking to me.  I assumed it was a pocket call or something, but I listened anyways just in case, and I overhear something to this affect:

"I have money! I will pay you whatever you want.  I'm on a bicycle, I need to go 30 miles in that direction.  My husband just had a stroke, and he's in Ft Worth." at this moment she realizes that I'm on the phone. "Oh - I didn't mean to call you, but dad's had a stroke, they're transferring him to Harris in Ft Worth. You need to go there now. Bye!"
.....and thus ensues a lot of chaos. Now, as soon as I heard the bit about my mom being on a bike and needing to go in "that" direction my heart was already in my throat.  If something was so bad she was going to pay someone to drive her 30 miles - 30 miles which would go towards her year-end-goal - well I knew it was serious.  By the time my mom finished and hung up on me I was running through a very busy theater parking lot in the rain and yelling at my friends to run or get left behind.  I'm such a nice friend.  I love you guys, I really do! ...but I probably would have left you and had Ryne come back for you.

My mom is in Houston and was going to do two days of long bike rides, but is now on her way home and then here to the hospital where we will pow-wow and .... hang out.

And let me pause to say that Ryne was amazing.  In the moments of me doing my own rendition of Connie and Carla's escape from the airport, he made me a to-do list as I spouted things off and made me laugh with an appearance of the Hardcore Frog.

So I got everyone to my place, dumped them off to watch Supernatural - I think?  At which point I drove like a mad-woman to Harris in Ft Worth.  My dad was probably in ER for 30 minutes before I got there, so all in all it worked out really well.  We hung out in the Er and they let him have food and sign papers and all that fun stuff.  And can I say that ER is like, the most boring place on earth?  Nothing happened - which is probably good - but we didn't even have a tv!
My Dad - TV = Super Grumpy
My Dad + TV = Grumpy
It's the small things in life.

Around midnight we got moved upstairs to ICU - I think. It might be some t-word that makes me think taxidermy.  I love my dad, but I don't want to get him stuffed, thanks!

At the moment his prognosis is that he had a stroke, but it's the kind that works its self out.  They're even talking about releasing him today, Sunday, so that's really good!  Just need to do a bunch of tests and try to determine what happened and if it's preventable, etc.  It's super scary and I'm sure that as soon as the adrenaline wears off I'll have a breakdown or pass out or something, but for now I'm wide awake and ..... might do some writing.... or just sit here and worry and fret. That too.

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Dallas said...


Alice said...

It was definitely an adventure last night. While running through the movie lobby, I overheard someone say, "Dang! Is there a fight outside?"

I'm glad your dad is doing better. Been thinking of you all night and will continue all day long.

Keep us posted. *hug*

Catherine Gayle said...

I spent a lot of time in the ER and the hospital back in October, so I can completely understand. Yeah, the TV makes the ER seem so glamorous, LOL. But it is actually just a bunch of hurry-up-and-wait. Not much to do. I've learned to always take something with me to keep me occupied. Here's hoping he gets to go home soon, and that it is something that's preventable. Take care of yourself in all of this. The last thing your dad needs is for you and your mom to fall apart.

Cid said...

Thanks guys! We're doing very well. Right now it's just my mom and I, and together we're the solid foundation bits of the family. I'm still tapping away on my novel and my mom's recovering from riding a few hundred miles on her bike yesterday, so the waiting's not so bad! It's all good family bonding time more or less, just under not so great circumstances. :D

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