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things on the radio that bother me

I have a radio alarm clock that goes off in the morning.  I don't usually really listen to it, it's just background noise but over the last week there's been this bit that has caught my attention, and not in a good way.  One of the DJs has gone to some length to propagate the rumor that he was involved in a rather high profile divorce.  I was shocked that the DJ was proud of this rumor he's encouraged.  Why would you want to be the source of someone's divorce?  I don't understand why this would be cool or encouraging or whatever.  I just don't get why this person would want to exploit someone elses pain.

The other thing that has happened on this particular radio show was a segment done about missed love connections, when you knew there was someone you should be with but aren't.  Everyone they talked to was married or in an established, long term relationship with feelings for someone else.  They discussed how to cheat, or if they person on the phone should break up their relationship or the one that the other person was in.

Why is it okay to break apart someone else's relationship?  I know right now I'm sensitive about this because someone who is like family is going through a tougher than shit kind of time.  I take stuff personally, I know but oh well. 

Okay, that's it.  I'm ticked about stupid stuff and yeah.  I'm off to go do Christmas stuff.

2 thoughts:

Alice said...

Was this KISS FM? This sounds like some crap they do...for the record, I dislike their morning radio show. I used to listen to it, but the more "fame" they get, the worse their show gets.

Plus, every time I've turned to KISS in the last few months, they're playing Kesha...and I really don't like her either. :P

But yea, these sound like terrible radio segments!

Cid said...

Yeeeaaahhhhh it is KISS. It's about the only bearable radio station my pitiful clock radio picks up. It's becoming a reason to get out of bed.

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