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so i'm going to ramble about being sick and the need to go christmas shopping.... GO!

Ohmigawd I felt craptastic last night!  Fer serials.  I went to bed a little later than I intended to, half because the last Blades of the Rose book is ginormous and half because I haven't been sleeping through the night.  I've been waking up too early and then laying there far too awake and without the umph to get up and out of bed.  In theory it was a good idea, but I was just so sicky feeling and uncomfortable I barely slept.  I meant to take some of that night time cold medicine that knocks you out, but I forgot and then woke up in the early hours too cautious to take any for fear that I wouldn't wake up.

As exciting as it was to wake up with cops, moms, and apartment office people hanging around my bed, it's not an experience I want to relive any time soon!  So I suffered through the night.  This morning I felt icky still, but as the day has gone by I'm feeling better.  I've only supped on two Sucrets, which is a big improvement over the 8 I had yesterday.  Yeah.  8.  I had a timer going to count down the minutes and seconds until I could have another.  Today is infinatley better, made so by copious amounts of warm tea and the thought that tonight - tonight I get soup!

Sometime this weekend I have got to start thinking about Christmas presents.  I'm buying for: mom, dad, sister, niece, grandma, grandmother, and family pick.  Each year on Christmas Eve we all draw one name - someone in the family who we buy one present for.  This way we don't have to buy presents for everyone, and everyone gets two presents on Christmas Eve; one from their family pick, and one from Grandma who runs the Christmas Eve party.

Well.  Lunch is now officially over, I've read through most of it, so I must scuttle off to do work things!

(Aren't you proud that I'm blogging again???)

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