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the birthday weekend of awesome (probably part I)

This has been a nutty weekend so far.  It's almost 1:30am on Sunday morning and for some reason I'm still awake.  I guess I keep thinking if I hang around long enough something uber cool will happen - but I could be sleeping....

So instead I'm going to blog about this weekend.  Since my friend Suzan and I have back to back birthdays we decided we would do an extended weekend of awesome to celebrate.

Friday night - we went to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar.  Incase you aren't familiar with this, it's a bar with pianos and people who play and sing requests of stuff.  They can play just about anything, as long as they know it, and it's a great time to sing along, drink, dance, whatever.  But of course I can't go anywhere without something happening.  As soon as we got there we had a run in with this guy in a wheelchair who is like haunting the place or something.  He came up to Suzan and I thought she knew him, but aparently he just wanted to tell her she was very pretty.  I almost think he followed us to this corner we staked out for a bit because he wheels up to me and even though I'm singing and watching the act he wheels up and stares at me.  Yes, I know I'm too nice to just tell someone to scamper off, so I get dragged into this very awkward conversation with him.  I'm really not sure if he was really not all there or if he was just using the chair and this almost drunken voice to pick up girls, but it was weird and uncomfortable.  He even stood up (um, so why the wheelchair?) and hugged me.  And tried to pull my clothes around to see my tattoos.  Yeah, wasn't thrilled.

After that experience most of the rest of the night was a lot of fun.  Suz and I got pulled up on stage to do the chicken dance and make fools of ourselves since we were celebrating birthdays.  There was a diminutive older guy who was rather drunk that decided to booty dance at our table - not us, the table.  Pete's also must have a hotness test for the bouncers.  And we did tons of singing.  It was a great night.

Today, Saturday, I had the Dallas TGIO for NaNoWriMo.  It was kinda a train wreck since the planning ML got sick and there was a schedule conflict for the space and we got bumped to another room, but everything worked out.

Tonight we went to a Brahmas hockey game - it's a minor league hockey thing.  The game was loads of fun and we sat right on the glass.  The fights were awesome, the game really good once they got warmed up, and I think we're looking to go more often to those games.

Plans for tomorrow have kinda fallen through, so I'll be winging it on my actual birthday.  I'm thinking shopping and then the Ft Worth TGIO and maybe go see a movie if I can find anyone who is interested.

Okay, going to convince myself that sleep is the best bet right now.

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