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Dr Who & Angels

OMG! Who else watches Dr Who?

((Note, if you haven't seen Dr Who or are not into season 5 right now, I'm not responsible for possible spoilers below.  <3  ))

Have you seen THE ANGEL episodes?  I'm just now watching season 5 and OMG!!  I made the mistake of watching Those Episodes right before I was planning on going to sleep.  Um, newp.  No sleeping happened.  I wound up watching like another hour of tv and knitting because it was too freaking creepy.  Who would ever have guessed that angel statues could be creeeeeeeepppppyyyyyyy?  It's amazing how something as innocent as statuary can now be defined as creepy.  I will never, ever look at an angel statue the same ever again.

I mean really, how could this pretty, poignant statue of a crying angel be scary?

When it looks at you like this!!

Okay. I'm done now.  Just wanted to say that ANGEL STATUES ARE CREEPY!!!!!

3 thoughts:

Eric James Stone said...

Don't you realize what you've done? You've put an image of a weeping angel on your website. That which holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel!

::stares at the screen::
::must not blink::

Jessica said...

OH GOD. HE'S RIGHT! *stares* O.O I think the Angels are probably my fave enemies.

Anonymous said...

A real Doctor Who fan would know not to call it Dr. Who. Just saying...

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