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The week in pictures. (picture heavy)

Okay, so this has been a very bad week.  Thus the no blogging because I didn't really want to talk about all this depressing stuff via the blogsphere and some of it is work-related - which is off limits.  Today, however, I have a ton of pictures to share.  The first is one of me this morning.  Just look at that mop on my head! Some days it just looks awesome, LoL, and while *I* don't look all that great, my hair is so much freaking fun I had to put that up.  Plus it shows off just how drastic the front really is.  And I'm loving the headband.  When I get some time I need to go button shopping so it's not being held together by a safety-pin.

So Tuesday I went to the eyedoctor.  Good news: My eyes aren't that much worse for wear.  Badish news: we're switching me over to a hydrogen peroxide based eye solution to soak my contacts in.  Now, the bad part of this is that if I forget it's hydrogen peroxide and wash the contact in it and stick it back in my eye, or let the contact soak for less than six hours - it's like insta-pain-please-kill-me-now!  It's sort of cool because of how the contacts are soaked. I took pictures because I think it's super nifty.  The contact vial is different than what I'm used to, each lense has it's own "cage" and it's submerged in the solution and the gray ring on the bottom of the cage-thinggie reacts to the solution and it purifies my lenses... Yeah, just look at the pictures already!

Yup, I find it totally interesting.  I do understand if you do not.

My little sprouts are shooting up!  I'm taking the cover off today because several are hitting the top of the cover and starting to grow bent.  There were also two who were just sitting on the top of the pallet, growing roots out but not putting them into the peat, so I manually planted those, LoL.  I have one pea plant that suddenly has a covering of silvery fuzz and I need to research and see what that is and if I need to remove it or kill it or something.  Any ideas?

I was going to show off some individual views, but they all look over-exposed and not all that great, so you get this.  I'm guessing I'll be planting them next week and then hopefully start a smaller tray of just veggies.

Last night was like... knitting night.  I tried and failed the fingerless gloves pattern I was irate at earlier this week.

There wasn't enough increase for it to go around my actual hand.  I'm bummed, but I went off pattern so I'm not all that surprised.  I couldn't figure out what it wanted me to do for the bow so I skipped it.  Bad idea, huh?  So I started on another piece, which was mostly me just figuring out how to read graph patterns, which I think I sort of do now, which is exciting.

I'm sortof not sure what I'm going to do with this.  It curls up on it's self really bad, but I'm thinking if I continue the stripes up a ways, I could make a dish towel or a small purse with a flap.  I don't know... Suggestions?  I think that, even though I tried not to, the yarn got pulled too tight in the back in places  :-/  Oh well, for my first try I'm happy!  I only missed one color change spot and you can't see it and it's so small you can't tell.  The picture looks a little warped, which is a bummer  :-/

And that's it!

Now for the weekend: I need to get up and get to cleaning and then write, write, write! 

3 thoughts:

Aisling said...

Great dragonfly !

If you make it a purse you could always line the inside, then where it is pulled tight won't matter :P

Cid said...

My thoughts exactly!! I have this sort of stiff, pale purple fabric with white flowery daisy looking things that might do nicely for lining fabric. I'm going to play with it some and see how it turns out. :D

The Yarn Panda said...

When you knit straight stockinette, it will always curl on itself, unless you add a ribbed or garter stitch border.

If you want something to look like stockinette but don't want a border, try knitting it in a 1X1 rib pattern (k1, p1, k1, p1..etc)

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