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Not Much - Maybe.

No, I am not blogging much right now.  The dreaded Other-Stuff (generally speaking work things) leave me with little other to say.  Today has been a "special" day already.  I forgot to make tea last night, so I have no tea to drink today at work so I will be drinking Dr Pepper - all day.  I left my apartment this morning - and started driving towards my friend's house - NOT work.  And there was one other uber special thing I did but I can't remember what it was...  Apparently my body also hates me.  I have slept very funny on my right arm and it hurts.  Now, I know I sleep funny when I curl my arms up and under my head. Why?  Well because a few years ago I decided it would be a great idea to get Industrial Barbells through BOTH of my ears IN the SAME WEEK.  This was not smart.  For almost a year I couldn't put my head against anything.  So I slept with my head on my arm, but with my arm making a triangle so my ear could be suspended in the open space and Not. Touch. Anything.  It's habit now.  I think maybe my computer bag has irritated this.  I also have sore spots on my outer leg/thigh - and I have no idea why!  Okay, that's all I have to write about I think.

Oh no, I bought another Beauty and the Beast book, called Beastly, and finished it yesterday.  Yes, I am terrible about this.  The review is on my other blog connected to my CidWrites.com site.  I'm working on a new skin that will hopefully rock.  Hopefully.

Now, for the real reason I prodded myself into writing this blog...  Yes, there was a purpose!

My awesomely, adorable friend Alice, even in the midst of her impending wedding is hosting a knitting book giveaway via her knitting blog/website.  The book is Knits Three Ways, and you can see her blog and the instructions for entering here.  I'm totally already guilty of retweeting and now blogging - but I was already a facebook fan.  I attribute any ability I have to read knitting patterns to the Yarn Panda.  She is amazing and ever so patient. GO ENTER NOW!!!

Knitting ~ so I'm doing this headband.  Tuesday I took it with me to critique to knit before and between our critiques.  I was too busy trying to talk, follow the pattern and k, p, yo, k2tog to notice I inverted the pattern and had done a good two inches - wrong.  I've ripped out those two inches and got back on track, and put it down.  I obviously cannot do anything complicated while something else is going on around me.  LoL.

I have just said for more than I thought was in me.  I haven't done much this week.  I haven't written anything, I read Beastly, and that's about it other than the normal weekly activities; critique group and church.  This coming weekend will be dedicated to research... Yes. Research.  SAGU I'm coming to visit your library.  Please let me in, okay?

I had NO idea March was National Craft Month!  Well, in the spirit I guess I'll break out my pottery wheel in a few weeks and try some pottery.  In the meantime my knitting and repainting of flower buckets will have to suffice.

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Anonymous said...
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pamela said...

duuuuuuude. you have a pottery wheel? when can i move in?! i mean - come over? LOL

Cid said...


It's not a super fancy one. In fact it's made from blue and red plastic and I probably can't do anything more fancy than bowls. I'm hoping to make flower pots and knitting bowls if I get good enough, but I need the weather to get nice so I can do it on my patio. :D

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