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Another Week Another Whine

Okay, I know that all the changes Obama are making are probably good things.  Heck, we probably need the credit companies monitored and health care reformed, but right now it hurts.  It hurts bad.  The interest rate on my credit card just doubled.  Seriously.  5.9% to 13.6% - which makes me go OUCH.  I don't even want to think about health insurance.  We're probably going to enroll next week and I'll discover just how much more money I'll be paying just in case I have an accident.  Money that I would love to be able to pay on my debt so I can correct the huge monitary mistake I have made in my life.  I'm very sure that the government is not trying to make my life difficult, that everything is done for a good purpose and reason - but it's very hard to see much less understand that right now.

Ug.  So frusterated right now.  Going to explore some options and see what I can do.

In other news, Texas got snow - SNOW - on the first day of spring.  Woke up Sunday to a white-wonderland.  I stayed indoors.  One look at what should have been a beautiful sunny day during which I plated things turned into a burrowing day where I read.  I'm reading a lot of Lynn Viehl lately and I love it.  I'm not writing as much as I wold like to (what I have done I blog about at cidwrites.com/blog) but with the excessive crap that continues to happen, well, I'm just glad I'm not nosediving into depression and have maintained a fairly positive outlook.  Doesn't mean I don't feel like I'm drowning at times, but I'm managing alright.

Whoopse, time to go back to work.

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