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Another Invasion; and random mussings

The roaches are back.  Well, a single roach was seen last night and promptly attacked with all the viciousness it deserved for invading my domain.   At least I've progressed from screaming and running away, but these aren't the hissers, these are just the creepy big waterbug ones that fly.  My skin crawls just thinking about that.  I have yet to see another one, but now that I've seen one, I'm watching for the others.  I'm not stupid, I know they're out there - waiting for me to let my guard down just a bit.  That's when they'll really attack; but I'm ready.

This week is going better than last week.  It would be hard to be worse than last week, and thankfully this one is not trying to run that contest.  I'm still struggling with the previously mentioned knitting pattern, but I didn't get to mess with it today because I read Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.  I have also written this week - where I didn't read at all last week.

The plants are shooting upwards.  I'm going to have to pull the top off soon - I think.  I'm a little unsure of what constitutes as leaves.  I'm really surprised because the Bluebonnets are blooming; Bluebonnets usually take a year to plant and bloom.  I'm hoping to get a few viable seedlings; that would be fantastic.  I should have taken pictures....

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I'm not going to my mom's race this weekend; I'll be staying home, waiting for twitter updates on my mom's progress.  Instead I will probably do some much over-due cleaning, writing and knitting.  I'm poking people to let them know it's an open invite to come over and hang out because I don't have a plan to go out. 

And, tomorrow night is the 10th anniversary of Boondock Saints.  If you're a fan, go look at the Fathom Events for locations and tickets.  Boondock Saints II came out Tuesday but I haven't had the chance to go get it -- yet.  Okay, I'm tired and the Chinchillas are begging, for something.  As always, I'm not sure what.

3 thoughts:

Elizabeth said...

Leaves are going to be the second set of leaf-like things you see, generally. The first set is usually the seed coat, still stuck to the stem. (No, I haven't been obsessively reading garden books or anything).

And I think I might have to watch Boondock Saints in celebration of the anniversary. And track down the sequel.

Cid said...

Teeheehee - The sequel is great fun. Watch it with the desire to be entertained, know it's a Troy Duffy film, and the budget was small ~ and you'll love it.

Okay, then my little plants still stay under the dome. I have two that are almost pressed up against the plastic! But there are still others that have yet to do *anything* :(

Jessica said...

Did you put the roach in a jar again?

P.S. I borrowed Boondock II from the Family Video near my home during break. It was great. :)

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