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Dear Knitting-Pattern...

I don't understand you.

Casting on in the middle of a row?  What?  I seriously tried, and thank goodness I've gotten good at ripping out lines and not loosing stitches.  Headband, I can thank you for that!

Yarn Panda, you are amazing for your knitting all-knowing-power.

I'm rather pleased with how much I did tonight in an hour and a half - especially since I unraveled my first few tries....

Yours truely,

For visual proof I'm not crazy:

[Edit] Incase someone sees this and knows the pattern.  I'm trying to knit the stripy, bow fingerless gloves from the I Love Knitting book by Rachel Henderson.  The pattern has me knitting and purling 20 stitches and the bit I'm having problems with is this:

Using B, knit 12, turn, cast on 12 stitches, turn, knit to end of row. (32 stitches)

Casting on in the middle of the row?  I can understand - sort of - from the picture how it makes the bow, but I'm not really getting the hang of how to do it, or what exactly 'turn' means - when you're casting on....

3 thoughts:

Anonymous said...
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Catherine Gayle said...

I am no help with knitting. LOL. Do you crochet? I do a little of that. My grandmother tried to teach me to knit for years, but was always unsuccessful. I think it is the two needles vs. one hook thing. Too much coordination required in knitting. I was forever dropping stitches.

Cid said...

I haven't the faintest idea how to crochet. I think I learned the basics when I was really young, but never kept with it. I like knitting though! I'm sure I'll figure out this pattern, but for now it has me frusterated and stumped!!

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