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Mini-Greenhouse Gardening

Okay, so lets talk about gardening! The last few days have been so very near spring like it's glorious! Of course I have been stuck in doors.  The weather has been so crazy lately I haven't dared to even look at my patio.  I have, however, found this strange little plastic, miniature greenhouse thing.  I'm thinking that if I can start it indoors, maybe by the time the weather has mellowed out just a bit I can move everything into pots and out on the patio.


So the first thing you do is - submerge the whole thing in water and let the little peat pallets expand.  Once they've expanded -- which happened SO fast I really was surprised at how quickly they were ready.  The instructions say to pour off water, but I didn't have any to pour off.  I was a bit confused on the following instructions.  I thought you should pull the netting off of the pallets, and did that to two of them - which was kind of a disaster.


So you really peel back the netting and then plant 2-3 seeds on each pallet.

And now I wait for it to grow!!!!

2 thoughts:

Elizabeth said...

I have one of these, too! I will probably be starting mine tomorrow, though.

Cid said...

Yeah!! I wanna hear how yours goes. I didn't use the full 2 1/2 liters to fill the tray because the pallets were floating around. Now, I had two that were only nominally expanded so I poured extra water over those and didn't seed them till the end. Currently it's residing on my kitchen table - which is one of those tall pub sets, but not very big. That's okay, I don't use it very often because as cool as the table set looks - after a while you get tired of not touching the ground. So the green house can stay there until I need to move it....

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