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Scott Pilgrim, I want my money back

Really.  I'm not kidding.

I willingly went to this movie.  Even though I don't like Michael Cera; he's sort of like Reeves, who just plays himself in a movie.  But - I was hopeful.  What I'd heard from the geek crew sounded like fun; fighting the league of evil x's for the girl of his dreams?  Sounds dreamy, right?

Except that Scott Pilgrim is just another rather spineless jerk.  He cheats on his girlfriend.  He doesn't have the nerve to just break up with the fore mentioned girlfriend even though he's making progress with the girl from his dreams (hereafter referred to as gfhd).  The fights with the evil x's were awesome, though at one point I swear I was watching an episode of Double Dragon.  Come on, you remember that right?  The evil fighting karate twins with the power of the dragon?  Yeah. 

Gthd wasn't without her own issues, but at least she was upfront and all - "I have issues."  "I'm leaving you for that dude."  "Okay, so I'm a bitch."

The supporting characters were what rocked.  The gay roommate and the drummer girl were my favorites.

Rent it.  Unless you're a fan of the comics or something, but don't go expecting it to be *jazz hands* Awesome!  *end jazz hands*  It had potential - had he not been so spineless.  The premise was cool, but the execution just... sucked.

3 thoughts:

Elizabeth said...

Good to know. I've got a friend who is so excited about that movie, so I might be seeing it at some point anyway, but at least I won't go into it with any expectations at all.

And yes, I totally remember Double Dragon.

Cid said...

I've had a few long conversations with friends who are fans of the comics. Our takes on the movie are so different, it's like we saw different movies entirely. They go on about the story being about one persons journey from immaturity and boyhood to learning to be a man and taking responsibility for his actions, and it sounds really cool. But that's not the version I saw. Reading the comics seems to make a really big difference on how you view the movie.

I'm no in the party though that the girl, Ramona, was demoted to the level of being a trophy. She makes the choices to be with the different people and she - by choice - walks away at two points in the movie. That's not a trophy. That's choice.

Oh well. I hope you enjoy it, there were a lot of places that I was thoroughly entertained.

Micah said...

Good to know! I almost watched it, then ended up watching Salt, which was great. Great plot, well-acted, intense action scenes, and if it isn't implied by the previous... lots of dying all around.

And side-note, I'm baaack!! Missed talking to you.

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