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I've never been good at that fitting in thing

Today I was glancing through a friends Facebook pictures; not always an enjoyable experience when you turn up in them as the 14 yr old version of yourself, lol.  No, I'm not linking.  And it got me thinking about how I've always felt a little obtuse or abnormal in a group of people.

Tons of people go out of their way to dress or act in a way that attracts attention because they want it or they need it to compensate for something.  There was a short time in and around Jr High when I did that, but it was just too much work, and I went back to being - me.  I don't know what it is about just being myself, but I always seem to be the odd one out. 

I'm loud and opinionated.  That makes me stick out a lot of the time.  I like and have tattoos; that gets me all sorts of attention - but I didn't get the tattoos for attention.  I got them because I wanted them.  Do they make me look kinda bad ass?  Well, yeah.  Suz said last week that if the hotel was mean to us she'd sick me on them because I'm scary and have tattoos, lol.

But what I'm talking about is that I've always been sort of the odd one out.  It's just who I am.  I remember in high school really badly just wanting to fit in somewhere, even if it was with the odd kids, I just wanted people who liked me.  Maybe if I could change who I was I could have, but I've never once considered being anything but what I am.  I've always liked me, with my oddities and quirks, I've never once thought that the way I am naturally - loud, obnoxious, tattooed, creative - was something that needed to change or was abnormal.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, I guess I'm just articulating observations about myself.  I'm aware that I stick out like a sore thumb.  No, I don't do it intentionally.  Yes, this is who I really am.  It's too much of an effort to hide behind a fancy facade; I'm l-a-z-y.

So that's it.  Be who you are because it's what's most truthful.  Yes, it's nice to fit in sometimes, but at what cost?

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