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my love of lists

i think my teen years would have gone a lot better if i would have realized at that point in time my love of lists.  lists - as i discovered in college - are the best thing to motivate me.  take today for example, i got up, utterly listless (double note - the lack of capitalization. that would require far too much effort for today).  i would have been completely happy turning on movies and vegging all. day. long.  can i afford that kind of laziness?  no.  so last night i made a brainstorm list of the things i really should get done.  i got up today, looked my laziness in the face - and made The Uber List

for someone like me who is goal oriented, lists work like artificial motivation.  i want that sense of accomplishment crossing something off the list gives me.  do i feel like doing all that stuff? uh - no friggen way.  but i need to continue to catalog my books, figure out what i'm reading and what i have.  i need to clean my apartment.  i need to realize that i need to not buy any yarn until i've used what i currently own.

but yes, i use my tumblr account strictly for my love of lists.  i make them every day, and sometimes several a day.  that's one reason why i went digital; i used to write everything down on scraps of paper, and then they would get lost or i would forget to throw them away and i would have a ball of paper in the washing machine.  the tumblr website is awesome because i can get it to work on my cell phone.  great for shopping lists!  they are the secret behind much of my success.  there.  now you know.

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