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Adventures with Hair

Yes, hair, I said hair, I'm having more hair drama - not that there's a whole lot left to have drama with, but um, you'll understand.

So I wasn't looking for anything drastic; a trim.  I wanted my hair trimmed and the overall look shaped because lets face it: the last girl who cut my hair had no idea what she was doing and didn't take anywhere near enough off so it's looked like a mess for several weeks now.  Like last time we made a group appointment at Ogle but because of things out of our hands, it was just me who showed up Saturday morning. 

First mistake:  Not bringing a book.

Yes, I went sans book because I was going to go by BnN afterwords and pick up several books I'd ordered and didn't feel like starting a book I'd rush through to get to one of the shiny new ones.  Bad choice.  Why?  Because the computer system was down and no one had any idea who was scheduled to have their hair did by who.  I got there at 8:50 for a 9:00 appointment, and was 9:30 or 9:40 getting seated with the lovely Holly.  I like Holly; in a few weeks I'm going back and we're going to experiment with colors.  However, Holly took one look at the example picture I used way back in like February and called her instructor over.  Won't lie, I cringed when the instructor came over because she was a much older woman who looked like she'd have the style sense of my grandmother and even less interest in what kind of haircut I wanted.  I like my A-symetricalness!  It totally goes against my OCD symmetrical behavior and I LOVE it.

Second mistake:  Thinking granny couldn't bring it.

Granny brought it.  Big time.  She made me their classroom focus project.  About ten beauty school students crowd around me for the entire process; shampooing, cutting the guides, all of it.  Ten people asking about my hair, putting their hands in my hair, craning their heads around to look at my hair, and all of us making hilarious small talk.  None of the above bothered me; in fact I was mostly entertained by this whole fiasco.  It was a lot of fun; can't lie!  There were many funny conversations flying around as Granny hacked and razored and cut my hair down, and down, and down, and down.....

Third mistake:  Not realizing how short it got.

When I first cut my hair like this, it was just long enough in the back to fluff.  I couldn't spike it.  I used a volumizing mouse and some wax/putty stuff to achieve this super funky fun look.  Ladies and gentlemen, I can now spike my hair.  The haircut is awesome.  It's super well done, fun, everything that it should be - heck, it was done by an instructor.  But I just didn't realize how much the lady was pulling it up in the back, how short it was.  I was mostly in shock Saturday but yesterday I sat back and realized just how short it is.  I still like it, but I'll like it better in two weeks when it's grown out just a bit.

So here's some pictures of my hair:

The attitude pose, done in Picnik with a few filters.
Are my eyes really that color?
I don't think so.....

1 thoughts:

Linda Marie Dershem said...

Your hair is just too cute! And I giggled at that last pic. :P

Hopefully my head will heal up soon and we can go together next time!

My hair really needs a trim.

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