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like a fish out of water

So another week of dance classes, and I have to say that I think at times I look more like a fish floundering on land than an actual dancer.  Tonight one of the ladies in my class and I spent half the time looking at each other with very lost looks on our faces and laughing with one another.  The thing is that the usual instructor was there this week - where last week we had a substitute.  6:45 rolled around, the music went on and she started a sink-or-swim session.  I think I succeed in moving in the right direction, but there's no way I'm doing this stuff right; we won't even discuss what I look like doing it.  But it's fun!  And my arms and all sorts of me hurt.

If you're into comics, the Boondock Saints comics are out.  I'm subscribed to them via Heavy Ink.  Comics are a very recent addition to my reading library.

Right now I'm reading an amazing Zombie book called Feed; I'm sort of anticipating being up later on tonight with nightmares, so I'm half tempted to draft this blog and publish it after that wake-up, but tomorrow is Thursday and I should be a good girl and do my Girl Talk Thursday since I've missed the last two Thursdays!

I'm constantly entertained by things that happen on Twitter.  Like, the random stuff I say that complete strangers pick up on and reply to.  It's funny to me.  For instance, I twittered something to the affect of, I have a Dr Pepper. What do you have?, and got like 50 replies with what other random people had.

Today I realized I haven't picked up knitting needles in weeks. Going to try to fix that on Sunday, since, wow, Sunday's Crafty Day.  I totally forgot!  Oopse.

And it's a holiday weekend! That's uber exciting.  And I might have plans for Monday, so that's a step up from my current habit.  Oh, and I'm getting my hair cut this weekend.  Finally!

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Jessica said...

Barbeque for Memorial Day you Texan! XD

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