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counting my pocket change

I've decided I want an iPad.  Like seriously want.  I mean, yeah having one because they're just cool and the newest thing would be cool - but it's more than that.  Yeah, Apple comes along and decides, 'Oh we'll do this!' and single handedly changes an entire industry.  Think about the iPod.  Yeah there were MP3 players and other similar devices but nothing quite like the iPad with it's buying power, the iTunes, all of it.

Now, lets think about the iPad.  I've been on the fence about eReaders.  Why?  because of my iPod.  Don't get me wrong! My iPod is fantastic!  My problem is with me and how I've changed my music tastes since changing over to digital music.  I no longer flip through my music asking myself, 'What do I want to listen to?'  I scroll to the play list or I pick out what comes to mind and I listen to that.  I miss new albums.  I forget stuff is on my iPod and just don't listen to it.  I've gotten lazy about finding new music, etc.  What would happen with books?  Would I buy them and forget to read them because they don't populate my to-read shelf?  There's whole lines of eBooks that don't even enter print I'd like to be able to read.  It would be nice to not have to haul books around with me all the time.  It would also be awesome to have everything I want or need all on one device; books, writing, internet, twitter, email - all of it!

With all of this said - I was still on the fence.  Until the other day when I realized that Marvel comics have put out an app so that you can actually read their comics on the iPad.  My biggest gripe about eReaders was the lack of color; if I buy an eReader I want to be able to do all prints on it.  Comics are interesting to me and I think I would buy them if it wasn't such a hassle to simply buy them.  I've also listened to several comic-adict friends talk about how the comic companies will NEVER digitize! ....oh hey lookie what Marvel's gone and done! It sort of solidifies it for me; I want an iPad.

Of course I now have to save up the like.... $800 it'll take to buy it.

1 thoughts:

pamela said...

I'm saving up for my DSLR :)

we can keep each other in check LOL

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