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Girl Talk Thursday: Blast From The Past Prom Style

Prom. Oh my the memories.  I guess it's odd because I went to three proms; two of my own and a friends.  See, our little podunk country school let Juniors and Seniors go, so totally exciting, right?  I scrounged around for pictures last night but couldn't find anything.  I'm assuming they're all at my parents house still, which is a bummer!

I remember knowing that no one from my school was ever going to ask me to prom, so I don't have a fairy tale moment of being asked by some guy and having a romantic evening.  In fact my dates had a tendency to refuse to dance with me. For serials.  And I never even got to have a big, fancy, fun dinner with my friends.  We tried one year, but an unnamed party sort of ruined that because they wanted to do something stupid and slap 'romantic' on it, and the other plans fell apart.  It's the one thing, from my three proms, that I wish had been done differently: I wish that I had spent more time before prom with my friends doing a fun dinner or something silly or fun.

My junior year was really special because I did the second installment of the Duct Tape Stuck at Prom.  So the outfits weren't as cool as they are now - bite my toes!  I worked my arse off - by myself to make those and I'm proud of them! I still have the corsage.  The dress was actually black based plaid, done with red, green and yellow.  It was an insaine outfit, complete with an underskirt, overskirt, bodice, and removable sleeves.  I made the guy a duck-tailed suit jacket in red that I wound up wearing most of the evening.  Duct Tape isn't warm, fyi.  Prom it's self that year was fun because my group of friends was awesome.  We didn't dance, but we did play with our napkins and made ourselves the prom Taliban or something.  I think I have a picture in a frame somewhere with a friend of ours wearing a turban made out of napkins with the caption, "Osama bin Bobbied".  We thought we were very funny.

My senior year what I really wanted was a pretty prom dress.  What my mom wanted was something that didn't have spaghetti straps, showed off zero cleavage, and boring.  Since we couldn't agree on anything I decided to again make my dress!  Everyone asked me what I would do to top last year with the duct tape, but seriously - how could I?  I went for fun and made a plaid prom dress and went with a really good friend of mine in a clashing plaid.  It was super fun.  We wore converse, and black rimmed glasses and stripy socks.  I think my favorite picture of this prom is my date and I with my skirt hiked up and his pants hiked up showing off the socks and shoes.  Again, we didn't dance, but if I remember right - we did play cards, at prom.  And I think this was the year that the post-prom-party involved a full casino being set up at our high school.  And I vaguely recall staying up all night watching bad movies and then going to church to only be told that I had to perform in like.. half an our four times straight.  Yeah, prom I remember as being a blast, the day after suuuuucked.

I then turned around and sort of last minute went to my prom date's prom - and wore a borrowed dress because it was so last minute.  It's a pretty prom dress, and I have no idea how I got away with wearing it!  It was one of those sheath things with the bodice in some layered sheer-on-satin material that was beaded and pretty and a full length skirt.  We decided to revisit the converse and socks theme, and because of that we were almost kicked out of his prom.  For serials.  The teachers all came over and threw a fit - not because he was wearing a thrift store suit and brand new converse, but because I was wearing converse with a dress.  The student class president got involved; I was friends with her and all I know was that at some point she threatened to leave the prom herself.  It was a huge drama fest, but in the end we also had a lot of fun.  And I can say I was really and truely almost kicked out of prom!!!!

So my experiences with prom were not the fairy tale kind, they were the fun with friends kind and in the end, I think that's best.

3 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I was about [thisclose] to wearing Chucky T's to prom, that I had laced up with silver ribbon, and then at the very last moment I changed them. I STILL wish I hadn't!

Cid said...

After all the other girls were complaining about their feet hurting - I was soooo glad. And the guy I went to was EXACTLY my height so I didn't want to wear any heel at all. :D

Chibi said...

I had no clue about the Duck Tape Prom phenomenon! O_O That is AWESOME!

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