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Girl Talk Thursday: Do you make time to read?

I fell off the GTT wagon the last two weeks, mostly due to things directly pertaining to the subject of this week's GTT.  I've been so busy reading and writing that I haven't been blogging much, but I really had to pause and answer this question:

Do you make time to read?

Why, yes, yes I do.  In fact, I have a website/blog devoted to my reading and writing habits. 


Books have always had a fond place in my heart.  They're a way to escape.  To pass a long day.  To learn something.  To give my mind new things to ponder.  Books are very, very important to me.  I currently have about thirty books on my to-read shelf, and I can confirm that I've read 43 books this year alone - which I think is a bit low, but I'm not going to complain.  I buy lots of books too.  I plan on buying six books in the next week; four are ordered and will be waiting on Saturday, two are new releases coming out on Tuesday.

As a writer books are important because it's knowing the lay of the land.  Being aware of what people are buying or talking about makes it easier and better for me to have a feel on the pulse of the reader.  I have no illusions of being published anytime soon but someday I'd like to say: I'm published.

Finding time to read can be difficult.  I often read in splurges; it's very hard for me to drag reading a book out over days.  Most I pick up and read a chapter or two before work, read during lunch, and then marathon the book after work.  I tend to have a good idea of what I will and will not like so it's very rare a book will take me more than two days to read; the exception being very large books or busy times for myself.  There are even times when I've sacrificed sleep to read an entire book all night - um, last week actually.

So yes, the answer to the question is, yes.

[[ if you would like to peek at the books I've read you can check out my website or even find me on goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/cidreads  ]]

6 thoughts:

Brittany said...

Before my kids I use to be like that. I'm envious. I use to love staying up all night to fnish books ^_^. Great Post!

Claudia said...

*Sigh* to not be exhausted and be able to stay up to read. I'm so envious!

Cid said...

LoL - I never said I didn't pay for that decision. I did! The day after I was so tired and work was sooooo not going well, but I read the book! :D

Erinn said...

Nice layout... I totally didn't steal mine from you. I promise. Really. I swear! You don't believe me do you?

I am SO jealous of your time to read and write and you know, live a pretty awesome life.

Tatiana said...

I agree with the importance of reading in relation to writing. And I have to say, every time I see you tweet about writing or rewriting, it's so inspiring; it seems like you really work at it, and love it.

Cid said...

@Erin ~ sure, uhhu, I'm totally mock angry at you for stealing my rights-free-blogger-template ~__^

Awe, well at least I'm doing something inspiring with my time. Sometimes I think it's a testament to how much of a life I don't have anymore, but I really do like writing. I'm not where I want to be, that's for sure, but I think I'm progressively getting better and better. And I attribute a lot of that to the books I read. :)

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