P e r s o n a l B l o g/T w i t t e r . : : . W r i t i n g B l o g/T w i t t e r

Saying everything but what I really mean.

It's another uber busy day!

I know I can't really talk about the Seekrit Project that we met about last night, but lets just suffice to say that the morale is high and we're all hopeful and excited.  We also had lots of fun just hanging out and talking; we're girls.  We're into that sort of thing.

Tonight is dance; which is code for not gonna get a whole lot done today.  I'm hoping to get the dishes and a load of laundry going before I head out with a friend to go do some girly stuff.  aka - waxing our eyebrows.  It's a necessary evil because I hate using tweezers; they're like specialized instruments of torchure.  Oh yes, you could have all the pain at once, in one quick burst, or in smaller incriminates a hundred times over in five minutes.  Hmm, I'll go with the wax thank you very much.

I'm also in a world of trouble.  I haven't practiced the harem routine anywhere near enough.  If there's time between waxing and dance I should really practice so learning the last half of the dance doesn't fry my brain.  This means I'll more than likely be eating Chickfila tonight.... Yummy chicken!

All of this is me talking about everything except what I want to talk about - because I refuse to blog about what's really on my mind right now but suffice it to say that something is annoying me but I can't talk about it because when I started blogging I decided there were some subjects I just wasn't going to touch.  *sigh*  I should just drink a Dr Pepper and stick a smile on my face and everything will be uber good again.  :D

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