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Girl Talk Thursday: $100 Internet Shopping Spree

So for this week's GTT we're going on a shopping spree.  With only $100. I think I could sneeze and spend that.  Yes, I am aware of the fact that I like to spend money - and that's not really a good thing.  Right now, for an internet shopping spree, I think I would have to start off with a few purchases for my current extra curricular activity: dancing.  For those of you who don't know, I started taking bellydance classes a little over a month ago.  It's lots of fun, and accessorizing with fun hip scarves is super fun.

Unfortunately it's not so easy to find different styles of hip scarves.  I have a beautiful light blue with silver coin scarf my amazing friend bought for me because I couldn't go to the fair with them.  Ebay has become my favorite place for trolling for scarves.  So lets see how much I'd rack up if I did a little accessorizing....

First up is this hipscarf from Australia.  I'm so close to clicking the Buy Now button it's not even funny!

It's different from what I see a lot of girls wearing - which means I sort of want it for that reason.  But if no one else is wearing it.... Does that mean it's not a good buy?  I'm torn.  I also really like the white - but it's WHITE!  There are other colors, but I thought that the beading and detail work showed up best on white.

I'm rounding up, but it's about $10 to purchase it and then about $7 to ship it, for a total of $17.

I still have $83 to spend on my online shopping adventure... More scarves!

Okay, so this one comes in lots of different colors.  Some versions have sequins up on the top of the belt, but I'm not totally in love with that.  The other versions also have pearl detailing that I like better - but this black version looks like it has more coins - which means more jangle - which means more movement...

My hips will shake louder than your hips!

Again, rounding up - the scarf costs about $5 and shipping is $10. $10 shipping!  For a total of $15.

I still have $68 to spend on my online shopping adventure. I think I need one more hipscarf.

Yes, red.  I like red.

I'm also really digging the different ways the coins hang.  I think that's pretty cool.  I'm really into all of the scarves having a different look, can you tell?

Currently bids on this start at $.98, and the shipping is about $17 - which until I realized this was in China, seemed a bit much.  However, I could go to their store and do a Buy Now option for $23.  The person inside of me that wants instant gratification would do that.

I still have $45 to spend on my online shopping adventure. I think four scarves is plenty - so what else would I want to shop for online?  I don't buy clothes online.  I don't really like shopping online anymore.  But I do like books.  And I like shopping for books.  I have a B & N card, so I get free shipping on things delivered to the store.  I also get like 10% off my purchases so I'm dropping change unless it's an online special.  So, were I to preorder books today, I would purchase the following titles:

Go, Mutants! by Larry Doyle ~ $13
Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi ~ $3.99 (online special!)
Red Hot Fury by Kasey Mackenzie ~ $7
Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn ~ $7
From Russia with Love by Ian Fleming ~ $10

Leaving me with $4...

Well, now I really want to go shopping!

3 thoughts:

thepsychobabble@blogher@home said...

Those are so pretty. Am jealous. :)

The Mama said...

I have to say - the hip scarves are pretty cool, I would love to take a belly dancing class!

Chibi said...

Ooh, the black one with all the coins is lovely - makes me want to take up belly dancing! :)

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