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Gril Talk Thursday: Do you friend your exes on Facebook/Twitter/My Space? Why?

Okay, so yes, I'm doing my GTT post on Friday because Thursday was a blur of work activity and it didn't occur to me to do this post earlier in the week when I had more time, so oh well!

Do I friend my exes on social media sites?  Hmm, well, lets define 'exes'.  I'm thinking of this as two categories, friends and boyfriends.

First and foremost, I'm totally guilty of not turning down anyone I remotely know.  Why?  Well because if we don't click or if I really don't want them to see my stuff anymore, I can and will delete them at will.  Granted, I think it's stupid that I have like 300 facebook friends.  Myspace I went through ages ago and only kept about 50 of 700 people that I really knew - but it's not like I actually use Myspace anymore; my twitter updates it and that's fine for me.  My facebook I used to keep to just super close friends, but I don't really care anymore.  Maybe I should?

There are friends I was once close with that I am facebook friends with.  I can't think of anyone I've unfriended or not accepted - unless I just didn't know them at all.  I won't lie, there are some people I would like to delete because we aren't friends, I'm not sure if we were ever real friends, and they still rub a raw spot on me.  Why don't I delete them?  Well on facebook it's much easier to hide their updates than unfriend them, and I seriously doubt they pay a whole lot of attention to me anyways.

Ex-boyfriends.  I don't have a lot of these.  While my breakups have never been anything short of catastrophic, I have, in each and every situation, found it in myself to forgive and get over what happened.  That doesn't mean I want to be chummy friends with them, but 'unfriending' them seems childish to me.  In a few years we everything could turn around and we could be friends again (I can't think of anyone I've dated that I would give a second chance at dating again.)  I think I am still friends with two exes, but that would mean I would have to actually go and extend the effort to find them and - that's too much work.

I think the biggest reason I never unfriended them was that in each circumstance I moved on.  I picked up with my life, and didn't linger over the sad, pathetic leavings of what had been a one sided relationship.  I stuck a bandaid on my booboo and went on with life.  Time heals all wounds, right?  And I love living life.  Maybe some super mean, horrible part of me wanted to let those people know that they didn't keep me down.  They might have fooled me for a long time, but I wasn't about to hole up at home and be miserable because of them.  I was still going to go to shows, hang out with friends, see movies, do everything I wanted to do - regardless of the lack of their presence.

I tend to be very open about a lot of things; my Twitter is a public feed and updates my Facebook, Myspace and blogs so it's not like I hide a whole lot.  Okay, I am very private about my feelings but that's about it; other than my feelings I'm very open and public about the rest of my life - because why try to hide stuff?  Again, too much effort.  So if those people who have kicked me to the curb want to keep tabs on me, go ahead - bring it - you'll see that you'll never keep me down.

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