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Girl Talk Thursday: Pets

So I really wish I had thought about this blog post last night, because I would have taken a smattering of new pictures of Polly and Molly. As it is, I'll just talk about my Chinchillas.

I grew up with animals - all over the place.  Horses. Cows. Dogs. Cats. Snakes. Birds. Hermit crabs. Turtles. Chickens.  Goats. Sheep. Buffalo.  I feel like at some point in time, we've had every animal known to man.  And you know what?  They all need to be taken care of.  I'll never forget moving out and thinking - FREEDOM! Finally! I don't have to take care of the friggen animals anymore!

A year living alone and that 'freedom' turned into loneliness.  Now pet rent where I was living at the time was astronomically high and I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much to have an animal.  But - caged animals are pet-rent-free.  So I did a little research - looking for an animal that was fine being on it's own, yet social.  Somehow I arrived at a chinchilla.  I did some more research and found the Sharp Chinchilla Farm.  Farm I think is really an incorrect term; they do not breed chinchillas for their coats or anything of that nature.

Well, after a very short time I decided I would adopt the adult pair of Polly and Molly, mother and daughter.  Polly is an older chinchilla and suffers from separation anxiety.  Which is why Molly had to come with her.  Polly is a sweet heart and I lurv lurv lurv her!  Molly is a little snot, but I still lurv her too.

A year later, lots of learning experiences and warm cuddly moments learning about the joys of having a miniature chinchilla herd, and we're still a happy family.

2 thoughts:

Linda Marie Dershem said...

Awes! I lurves your chinchillas! They're so cute and pretty if a bit skittish which is just natural.

Cid said...

Dude, you should take a few minutes and feed them raisins. They LOVE Sanders. Of course he sits next to their cage for like half an hour staring at them, lol.

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