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Talk about EVENTFUL Weeks!

I knew going into this last week that there was going to be a lot going on.  It was compounded by the things going on at work - but I'm me and I manage pretty well under stressful situations, I think....

Well, besides that - there were other random things that happened this week that I want to blog about - so here goes!

Killer Kitty 
(note, a little graphic - squeamish people skip this paragraph)
Monday I was really annoyed because my apartment smelled like Death when I got home.  It wasn't really time to clean the Chinchilla cage but I did so in the hopes that it would clear the odor.  I also took out both trash cans and cleaned the fridge.  I'm pretty sure I even bought a new Febreeze air freshener.  Did any of this do me any good?  Nope.  Frustrated, I opened the blinds to my patio to enjoy the rain and pout over the odor.  No sooner than the blinds being opened and a fur ball launched at the glass doors, hissing, clawing and spitting.  Yeah, crazy!  Well, I realize that it's a momma cat with two or three kittens who have taken up shelter on my patio because of the rain... But that's when I see their leftovers!  There was something very dead and in such a stage of having-been-eaten I couldn't identify what it had been; I'm thinking tail because there looked to be five, long appendages.  Well, I live in apartment so I can have someone else take care of problems like this so at 5:25 I jogged over to the management office and was at least able to tell them about the situation - with a straight face.  Seriously, only me will have an attack kitty and dead things.  They sent over a maintenance man and together, armed with brooms, we were able to beat the kitties back and he removed the Dead Thing.  I have seen the cats since, but I've been trying to scare them away from my patio.

Tuesday I was able to close another book.  I wrote another whole book!  I talk about it on my website of writerly things if you're interested in hearing more about it.

I think it was Monday that a friend of mine (who we will call C) mentioned she was going to Austin for a writer's workshop and convention, but another friend of hers was no longer going.  She was bummed to be going alone.  The whole ticket to get in was only $50.  I totally bandwaggoned and invited myself.  Another friend jumped in (who will be called Z) and before C had an opportunity to say no, we had the whole trip planned out.  Thankfully C is excited about Z and I attending with her; or at least she claims she is.  ~__^  The heart-attack moment came when I realized that I had to send in a chapter to use for the workshop; it had to be Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Horror.  I don't have a completed project of any of these three that would - in my mind - fit.  So I decided I would break out a short story that I have been itching to expand into it's own, full length story, and embellished on what I had.  I wound up with a kick arse first chapter!  I waffled because I will admit, the first chapter is shocking and I was and am a little uncomfortable that strangers will be reading this and then sitting down with me to talk about it.  They won't know I've never written anything like this before and that I'm trying something new.  I waffled over what to send until yesterday and just sucked it up and sent it off.  I have since brainstormed and plotted the whole thing and I'm pretty excited about it!

Harem Night
So I did mention that Harem Night was this week, right?  It was last night.  Three of the girls in our routine dropped out so it was just the five of us, which was cool, but that threw off some of the girls and we had a lack of formation for the whole performance.  I totally got part of it wrong but had such a big smile on my face that it really didn't matter!  Pictures I believe are forthcoming...  And a huge thank you to all my wonderful friends who came out to support me!  It was really cool to have so many people there, and I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends.  You guys make my heart go all warm and squishy!

Last Airbender
After Harem Night an abbreviated group of us went to go see Shammy's rip off of a great cartoon series.  I went with low expectations and would advise you do so as well if you choose to see it.  I was entertained - bur for probably the wrong reasons.  Watch the cartoon, you'll be less confused and more entertained.

Okay, so that was this week!  This weekend I have a wedding, fireworks, more dancing and I need to bust a move on the editing train so yet more me - not being all that entertaining I guess.

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