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Girl Talk Thursday: Dumb things you’ve done

Oh man.... We're just going to go into list fashion for this one....
  • Allowing a possibly high person to tattoo me.  This was later remedied and the tattoo looks awesome.
  • Getting industrial barbells put in both ears - on the same night.
  • Having half of my arm tattooed in one sitting.
  • Going bowling the next day.
  • Having a serious injury at a concert where I was rendered unconscious, woke up on stage being cradled by the lead singer - and still did not go to the hospital.  Hey, we were roadies (not groupies!) for the tour.  I wasn't going to miss that!
  • Being a Spice Girl for Halloween.
  • Watched my boyfriend light himself on fire in a tent.
  • Put the ceramic pot of the crockpot on a hot burner.
  • Played roller derby with a broken hand.
  • Attempted to write 150,000 words in a month.
  • Gone two weeks without showering - while camping.
  • Assumed friend 1 knew friend A liked them - and then proceeded to tell 1 all about everything A ever said - only to them realize this was all news to 1.
  • Got ran off the road by a bus, popping two tires and bending two rims.
  • Stood up in front of a crowd of 50+ IT Professionals and proceed to speak - without any preparation or notes.  It was a disaster.
  • Started reading a book at 11pm - finished at 3am - and was at work by 8am.
  • Allowed friend-of-friend on IM to assume I was a drag queen.
  • Let high school friend make people think I was in a car wreck - fooled even the theater teacher.  I got called to the counselors office.
  • Went camping in a gully.  Tent flooded by water up to my knees.
  • One winter I went snowbladding (think mini skis) , in a two piece bathing suit.
  • Allowed my 18 year old boyfriend to think I was older than 13.
  • Went hitchhiking in Thailand.
  • Accosted a man in Russia and made him take me to a spot on the map.
  • Crewed a three day bicycle race for my mom, where I had to grease her shorts.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm not telling you.
  • Blew a snot bubble while crying on the shoulder of Mr Hottness.  He laughed. We're friends.  Just friends.
  • Ran through the sprinklers in 30 degree weather.
  • Sent a text message about a guy, to the guy.
  • Assuming what person A said about person B was true, and then trying to have a conversation about what person 1 did with person B - only to find out person B lied to person A and person 1 never did any of the things with person B.
  • Sharing a hotel room with four other people and leaving them the room keys and going out to get tipsy.
  • Sending a co-worker the first draft of a chapter instead of the work report.  She said she liked the story.
And I'm sure there are many more dumb things I've done - which were good and funny at the time....

    4 thoughts:

    Colleen said...

    I think I lead a very boring life compared to you!

    Cid said...

    LOL - That's probably a good thing! I've already thought of more things I should have added...

    Driving for two days straight and attending a Bridezilla wedding.

    Agreeing two weeks to a wedding to be IN the wedding.

    Man, maybe I should just edit and add more....

    Elizabeth said...

    I was there for some of those, but quite a few were news to me!

    Also, the industrial bars? That wasn't as bad an idea as it could have been, since you had a couple of us there with you to drive if needed. Which was probably a good thing, since I'd never seen anyone actually turn green, either before or since.

    Cid said...

    LoL - hey, you have to admit, sometimes I was smart about my dumb choices. Like conning people to drive for the first experiences of piercings and tattoos, lol

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