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Talking About Pounds

Well, not really.  Sort of.  I'm blogging because um, I seem to have the bug right now and I haven't blogged about my attempt to lose weight recently.  I switched over to using LoseIt.com because it does a better job of tracking calories and stuff than I do, it's also not as time consuming.  What is difficult is not being able to tally up the fat grams.

Right now I eat around 1,200 calories a day, on averate.  Technically I'm "allowed" 1,800 and on some days I do.  Must most I don't.  Most days I don't even consume all of my alloted fat grams per day.

I've gone back to belly dancing, once a week.

I do half hour walks fairly often.  I can read and walk which is helpful.

And I've only succeeded in losing a very small amount of weight.  It's not even worth saying.  It's depressing.  So, I'm thinking that in the coming weeks I should do a few things.

  1. Cut back on Dr Pepper.  Not cut it out, but cutting back.  I'm transitioning from drinking a full can, to one of those 100 calorie cans.  Smaller portion, still get a little caffine kick in my day.
  2. Carbs.  I have a suspicion that this is a big culprit in my life.  I eat oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and then there's dinner which is sometimes just a repeat of lunch.  That's a lot of carbs.  And this last week was like a carb induced coma between the bagels, pizza and donuts.
  3. Try to exercise more.  More walking, which will mean more reading, but I'm okay with that.
If I don't see an improvement after a month, I think I'm going to go see the doctor I saw when I hurt my hand.  Maybe I've developed allergies to something or some other really weird something that's preventing me from losing even a little bit more weight.

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Jessica said...

*hugs* I am cheering for you! I want to get healthier too but I am having a hard time getting motivated. :/ I have tried to cut back on my diet with sugars and stuff but I think I need to exercise more. I am glad you blog about this. It reminds me to stay inspired because you set an awesome example of dedication. <3 I hope everything works out with this new plan and hopefully you won't have to see the doctor!

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