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checking in, stuff is happening, i'm sure you care.

It's officially the weekend.  Woohoo!

Now what to do with myself?

I've been busy.  If you keep track of my writer's blog, you've seen some of my current events blogs about writing or things surrounding writing and books, and my series on world building that's wrapping up this weekend.  I've also been writing and reading like crazy.

And then there's the book buying! Dear ohEMgee!  Borders has gotten its chunk from my hide.  I'm doing a recap of books I've bough on my website Saturday, but I bought like $200 worth of books for a little under $100.  A lot of money, but I'm excited about a lot of what I was able to pick up for a little discount.

I haven't talked about my teeth a whole lot since last weekend.  I had ten days to get through with those capsules in my mouth.  Last weekend they really started to irritate me, but as of Monday they're all gone.  I've also had a lot healthier gums and less swelling and bleeding.  TMI?  Maybe, but that was the goal of having the procedure done in the beginning.

Last week I started belly dancing up again, spurred on by two friends who showed interest in joining me.  We're working on a slightly Indian routine that's kicking my booty.  I can do the steps, I think I have the sequence down, but I can't do the dang thing for a solid hour.  It's been exhausting, but lots and lots of fun!

This weekend I'm going to do a deep clean of the apartment and make an appointment with my plumber to fix my washer.  I'm also going to put my dining set on Craigslist.  I'm not quite ready to do that to my Chinchillas yet.  I'm thinking about it, but not there.  I'm also going to be away doing writing things.  I'm not going to DFWCon, which is this weekend.  At $300 I couldn't afford it, so I'm looking at FenCon in the fall instead.  We'll see!

Well, it's Friday, and I want to do something selfishly indulgent, like watch a movie or some more Paranormal State.  Dude, PS is research!

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