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Journey to a Nicer Smile

I've twittered and facebooked about this a little, and people keep asking me what's going on - so I'm writing this blog post!

In case you didn't know, and most people don't, my front six top teeth are fake.  They've been fake since I was in high school.  I had braces, which straightened my teeth quite nicely, but also tore off the enamel on my teeth when they came off.  I went to Russia for the summer, and came back to my teeth practically falling out of my mouth.  This was not good, so they did what's called a facial composite.  It's a porous kind of filling material that gave me my faux teeth.  The problem is that the composite facials age, yellow, chip and wear poorly making me look like either a lifetime smoker or someone who has a coffee mug attached to my hand - and neither are true!

I have always been sensitive about my teeth, self conscious that they aren't white and that I have teeth smaller than most kids.  I've always known that I would eventually have to have something else done, something more permanent.

Starting in February, we're doing a whole process of cutting and molding and implanting.  This last week I had the first phase done.  It was an invasive type of cleaning.  I've always had sensitive gums that bleed easily.  In order to get the porcaline teeth I need to get them in as good of shape as we can.  So they went in and cut out two possible infection areas and then there has been between 15 and 20 very tiny antibiotic capsules injected under the surface of my gums.

It's painful.  The capsules are small and designed to release antibiotics into my system slowly over two weeks time, but it still hurts and I haven't been able to eat anything but soup since Friday.

I'll be going back in six weeks to do another cleaning and evaluation of my gums.  At that point we'll start thinking about taking molds of my teeth, looking at what finish to put on my porcaline teeth and working towards doing the actual impants.

So there you go!  That's what I'm up to with my teeth, it's semi painful, but in the end it'll be worth it, right? I hope so!

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Timothy Burley said...

Did you ever have a problem with your fake teeth? Like, did you ever tell your dentist that you feel insecure or ashamed of wearing them? If yes, well, perhaps it was because of those people who knew you had false teeth. Here in St. Petersburg, huh, you'll never know who's wearing dentures. In fact, my friends and I sometimes play a guessing game of who among the passersby are wearing prosthetic teeth.

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