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So I'm considering buying my own domain and branching out from just a blog - however, I know me and the whole website would become a hobby and I wouldn't be happy until I understood how to do all sorts of nifty stuff - and I don't know if I should undertake that.  I mean I like the idea of having a simple address to hand out, but is it really necessary?  Do I need it?  I don't think I do - yet.  I might reconsider this closer to the Writer's Conference in April, so there might be a whole rant where I berate myself for not buying and tinkering with a website now.  Oh well. Never mind me - I'm just crazy today.

I think I'm on a fairy tale kick after reading Rose Daughter the last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I picked up Ella Enchanted to follow next, however, I just read the review of The Lost Legion over at The Book Book Blog and that book is sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read it.  I was going to read Lackey's Foundation after Ella Enchanted, but maybe I should read The Lost Legion instead..... Hmmm, The Lost Legion takes up twice as much space as the hardback Foundation....  And the only reason I bought that hardback was because it was like $5 and it wasn't out in paperback yet.

Yesterday, when I started this blog, I was really hung on wanting to get my hair cut or just trimming my bangs.  I have since mastered my indecision and after loving this picture with the girl in the blue shirt and her mop of brown and blonde hair, I decided I wanted something short and artistic.  Now mine's different, but inspired by this.  I basically walked in, handed him the paper, he pulled out one of those hair razors and sprayed my hair liberally, grabbed handfuls which were twisted around and then started hacking with the razor.  He said I completely dulled his razor and by the end of it he might as well have been pulling hair out because yeah - I have a lot of hair and if that's not enough the individual strands of hair are thick as well.  I'm not complaining!

You can't really tell from this picture, I know, but the left side is longer than the right and it's all super funky textured like.  I really do like it and I'm super excited about how much easier it's going to be to wash and style it.  I also got my eyebrows waxed last night.  The lady that does mine is amazing.  She clears the hair in three to four tries.  I also went shopping - which I probably shouldn't have done, but I did and I don't regret it!  See the pretty green shirt?  Yes.  I like!  Okay, I'm done.  My head hurts.  But it's Friday!!!!

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