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Knitting Frenzy

Okay, so Alice and I have been hitting the idea back and forth like a never-ending game of ping pong about how we needed to get together and knit - and then there was the other conversation about doing a Harry Potter marathon since I've seen only a few of the movies in their entirety and another one in bits and pieces.  Well, yesterday was devoted to knitting - and Harry Potter.  Yup.

My goal for a while has been to knit a pair of fingerless gloves.  I want a pair.  I want to make a pair.  So after lots of digging around, Alice found this pair of wristies that were inspired by Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog.  They used to be up on Ravelry and on Knerdy Knitting, but the site went down or expired.  Through some very impressive creative thinking on a friend of ours, we discovered that we could access the pattern through google's chache.  So, if you're interested, h e r e is a link to that pattern.

The wristies I made are a little different.  For one, my thumb hole isn't comfortable at all.  If I make another pair of these I'll have to experiment.  I also made the button track wider, and after I discovered I had no idea how to actually make the button holes, I just knitted a solid track and sewed the wristies together and will add buttons once I find some better suited to the jewel tone colors.  I have one almost completed wristie that's just missing buttons.

I've also completed another book cozie.  This one was going to be for me, but I ended up hating the way the self-striping yarn patterend on the book, so I'll be giving it away with a future book giveaway on Book Addicts.  Stay tuned!

This morning I started experimenting with an idea I hatched for a pattern for fingerless gloves, so I'll have to report back on how that's working, but later - because I need to do a lot of writing since I took yesterday off to watch Harry Potter and knit.

3 thoughts:

Alice said...

I still really love the colors of your wristies. I want to go get that purple and knit it up with a dark, hunter green.

And I'm sorry you were the unfortunate victim of pooling in your self-stripe yarn. Not all self-stripe yarn is bad! Promise!

Yesterday was tons of fun. Next time we'll do LOTR: Extended Versions.

Erinn said...

I love the color choices! Very cute. Seeing stuff like this makes me wish I was crafty instead of clutzy.


Cid said...

@Alice - yeah, that Passion color would look awesome with a dark green! See, I saw that green-blue teal color and fell in love with that and needed something to go with it. I need to get more appropriate buttons to finish that wristie and then start the second one. *sigh* I also really wanna watch the last HP movie we didn't get to....

@Erinn - I'm seriously not that good. Alice is an awesome, knitty-gifted person. Me? Not so much. I want to be, and my stuff is usually functional, but not very finished or pretty looking if you examine the nuances. Just try it!

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